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On commencing the course the amount of work in front of us was bit overwhelming with the changes happening in our business,but as I progressed the course was content was reletive to stage of these changes & gave us the skills & tools to use to cope with at lot of the isues we were experiencing.|This was also the case ith our project.The transition from our previous maintenance systems to our new CMMS offered the opportunity to use the course modules to assist with the challenges we faced..|We have been able to see our achievements from this work by completing our project of setting up our new CMMS Maintenance Connections & going live & having all of the reiability trained & inputing good data.|I was able use my personal focus goals to assist me in completing a few of my own projects solar panel instalation airconditioning of the house & enclosing my trailer for camping,all of which were achieved by breaking the projects down into small achievable goal & the benefits enjoyed by the family.

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