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Although the course was rushed and wasnt presented very well at the start and were given a slight white lie about the time needed to spend on the course.|I must say now the end is near i can look back and see the benifits in the course|I have seen more communication between all departments and peers.|I have seen teams working together to solve problems |We have more knowledge on problems that can be looked at in the future for cost saving and problem solving.|I have developed in my work, i work to time frames when possible and set goals when i can so i have something to work towards, i have learnt to deligate and become a leader.|I understand the benifits of an action plan and how to be aware of all problems that could arise.|I understand i need to look and the needs of my team to help them acheive their goals.|From our last session i also found out what others thought of me which was a suprise to me and i came away from that with a feeling of pride.

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