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NILSEN (SA) SA COL Kosala Rajakaruna

Most enjoyable aspects about the course- The interaction with other students and the whole journey of facing challengers and the sense of achievement(Never giving up).||Measurable results |-was able to reduce the month end cycle to 12 days from 25 days (ROI- $8685.00 per month)|-Reduced 90 day debtors from $ 155,998.28 (In Jan )to $39,763.30 (End May) – Reduction 74.51%|-Successful implementation of the On-line Payment System -(increase productivity at least by 75%)||Other Achievements |-Successful delegation of tasks to the team members which enhanced their ability to grow and overall increased the productivity and the efficiency of the team|-Became a very confident individual|-Establish a positive relationship with the Director Of Finance|-Finalised the plans to constructing a house|-Did one CPA course (Ethics & Governance)|-Successfully organised 2 concerts which averaged 400 attendees (One in Oct 2013 and the other in Mar 2014)|- Performed in 5 Sri Lankan concerts

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