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I have become more aware and confident of my role within my organisation due to |new skills and different mindset gained from the course.|I find my daily tasks are less stressful as the course has taught me how to structure and priorities.|The most enjoyable part for me was the goal setting tool. It seems so simple but it has|really made a difference in my work and personal life directing me to achieve set goals.||I was reasonably capable of my employment role pre course but post course I find I approach issues differently and also are much less stressed. ||Other achievements were completing the course, I have a young family and a demanding job so just getting it done im proud of. My goal of installing a Nilsen pc at a static site we maintain in the city. Then we were able to standardise our reporting and invoicing system making it less work for me and more efficient. Also, personally public speaking makes me anxious and I was able to get through my oral presentation to the group.

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