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NILSEN (VIC) VIC SSTLS Santi Dominguez

For me the most enjoyable aspect of the course was the change it had on my attitude through the win win goal set. Having a personal gaol that entailed achieving a reduction in time spent at work was assisted by various achievements throughout the 8 modules.|Implementing a new service request process for the service team was a major achievement that has and will continue to have benefits for our devision in the future. |Moving forward, this new process is the beginning of how we will evolve our operation and in turn receive benefits in multiple areas of our organisation, from profit to environment.|At the completion of module 4 there was a major development in my thoughts around the role i had within the team that led to a re-evalution of my actions. My responsibilities with in the team, duties and expectations had become clear and defined allowing me to focus my effort on tasks with the maximum outcome. |Although i found at many times throughout the modules to be repeating myself or the same question being asked in another tone, i soon understood that the intention of the course was to reboot my thought process so itself become the most effective tool as a team leader.

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