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Completion of first round of training in CRM|Reminded me of how much I do like to learn and teach others|Development of Sales Plan for Print Management and Your Books Online fulfilled goal to increase my own knowledge of these products, and brainstorm future development ideas and share with others|Use of Key Development Plan built my confidence in selling and satisfaction of discovering that we have good opportunities with this client and now on a path of increased growth across the company, not with just one contact|Great awareness and focus on up-selling increasing my confidence in my selling ability resulting in even greater satisfaction and enjoyment when working with customers|With the focus on customer service, “providing service beyond the expectations of the client” has resulted in an increase in referrals and increased benefits for the client (greater marketing exposure, connection with others)|By staying focused on client’s needs, finding the right solution (not just order taking) has given me greater satisfaction in my role in sales.||For me, Sales Support is my focus, I feel I have benefited from the course (particularly in the second half). I believe my confidence and sales skills have increased and I now have tools that I didn’t have before to further develop my skill level, knowledge and customer relationships and accounts and allow me to be of more assistance to the Sales Team and greater value to the company.

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