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The most enjoyable aspects of the course in terms of content were across Module 3: Improving Performance Through Better Time Management, and Module 4: Communication and Relationships. Each of provided me with a theoretical understanding of what activities and behavior in the workplace can be conducive to greater levels of productivity. Tools such as the Imperative/Important List and the Discussion Planner were simple ways of increasing productive work habits in myself, as well as in other team members. The Time Analysis Worksheet was also a valuable activity, as it visually represented where my time was spent in terms of HPA’s versus LPA’s, as well as where I was being interrupted. This task allowed me to reallocate my time more appropriately, as well as isolate and better discourage interruptions.||Another enjoyable aspect of the course was the sharing of experiences and difficulties faced by other students of the course. This not only applied to the course work itself, but to the practical application of relevant course content to each individuals role within their organisation. A room of people from a range of industries, from smaller to larger type organisations, in varying levels of seniority, provides a very interesting and stimulating learning environment.||In terms of my personal goal, and my Win – Win Agreements much to my surprise I was able to complete each one as planned, and in some cases well before the target date. At the time of formulating these in conjunction with Steve Vanega, each of the five Win – Win Agreements appeared daunting in terms of how each one would eventuate. By breaking down each task into concise focus goals, each goal appeared more achievable. Drawing on the true motional pull of each goal was no doubt the ultimate key to achieving each. Just as pleasing for me personally was the achievement of my personal goal, and the maintenance of that goal. Specifically, this was achieving a body weight of 85kg’s or less by Monday, April 30 and maintaining it for each week of the NSW U85kg’s rugby competition. From a former body weight of just over 90kg’s, this is personally a very pleasing achievement.||In conclusion, perhaps the best overall learning of this course is the ability to undertake more challenging tasks with a greater confidence in my ability to successfully complete each task in its entirety. This is made possible by the recognition of the true emotional pull and the associated affirmations, as well as the breaking down of each task into a number realistic focus goals.

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