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PRESENT GROUP WA TPE Geoffrey Armstrong

The professionalism of Yvonne Kroon as the course facilitator and the way she conducted the weekly course meetings made Tuesday mornings most enjoyable and I always looked forward to attending them.|the measurable results for me are the power of written smart goals and been able to assign action steps to enable me to complete what may seem a complex goal in the beginning. The imperative/important list for prioritising daily tasks. Identifying the many bad habits and attitudes I had and using the many tools and tips to assist me in correcting these thus allowing me to establish the performance edge.|Using the NEAT Meeting Planner to begin a team weekly Calibration meeting which now enables me and my team to give feedback on calibration matters. Setting this as one of my win/win goals allowed for a easy implementation of the weekly team meeting.|The best achievement has been the vast improvement in my time management skills by using the strategies for effective time utilisation all of which I will continue to use.

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