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I thoroughly enjoyed the classes and I believe we had a good balance and diversity of workplaces and situations to discuss. I was able to identify for myself about having an above the line approach rather than a below the line approach in regards to my team. Since I have changed my attitude, I have been more accepting of my team members and their need for training and development. I will be continually training and developing my team to increase their value and ownership of their roles. One achievement was the change of attitude for 1 team member from not enjoying work, causing problems and negativity in the office and being unsatisfied to now enjoying work, taking on training and new responsibilities. I have successfully completed 3 out of my 4 win-win goals and have also completed my personal goal. I have delegated at least 4 of my daily tasks to team members. I have successfully completed our first team meeting and have the 2nd meeting planned for next week. I have on numerious occassions, transferred the monkey back onto the team member to take ownership of the problem/query and tasks. I am currently half way in the process of completing my last win-win goal which is job outcomes/discriptions for each of my team members.

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