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For myself this course has opened my eyes, to not only developing staff to set them up for success but also empower them. The ideas that were shared in the course may have been things I already knew. Although in discussing them we were refreshed of these ideas. In class, everyone shared different point of view which let me realize everyone is different and it’s not a bad thing. We all have different ways of being motivated and for myself using focus goals each week really helped me to achieve more than I would’ve thought possible. Having a personal and business goal for each week made me have a greater grasp on my life as a whole and not solely focusing on work related items. I know now what I am best at and also what I can do better at. This course made me have a positive spin on feedback. Always thinking that giving feedback was a negative instead of understanding of how the company and team members are going. In the end, it made me more aware of my actions and the repercussions, but better yet the reward. Thank you Bill and of course all the people who participated.

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