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R.E. APPLEBY VIC COL Michael Morris

LMA has given me a forward looking approach to my work here at Appleby’s. Seeing as I am not currently in a management role I see how training for the future and for investing in staff can be beneficial for the company, both now and down the track. I would say now I am “future focused” and see my role at Appleby’s not only just as an agent but as a future leader, a person who can effect positive change and a person who can be a role model and manage from the heart. My awareness of the needs of my team have greatly improved and I now recognize that I am an iatrical part of the team that I am a part of. LMA has honed my time management skills and have helped me to set personal and business goals. I have been far more aware of my time and my need to preserve it as immensely valuable and not to be squandered. I have gone from listing smaller properties to listing multi-million dollar projects, and for this I am very grateful. I believe LMA is key in helping me focus on the goals that will achieve the results and get the property over the line. I am grateful for my time with LMA and for the skills I have received because of it.

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