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R M WILLIAMS SA TSE Rebekka Stubing

My biggest achievement was my trip to Sydney where i met with 3 existing clients and 1 new client. |I went in to all meetings with a pitch and a purpose and came out with one account placing an opening order of $10,000. 2 of the existing accounts have now introduced 6 + new items into their uniform range. I estimate this will increase their bsiness by $10-15K per year.||I have also done a proposal for Landmark- they currently have 2,500 employees- previously i would have considered this too large for me to work with, however i have done so with ease and met every deadline provided from the client. ||Previously i would go and see clients just to “pop in while i am in the area” now i have purpose for contact and i am seeing results from this both for myself and in sales.

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