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I very much enjoyed taking part in the Frontline Management course. I found it enjoyable and beneficial not only for learning the basics of being an effective leader for others but also being an effective leader for myself. ||The best part of the course in my opinion, though not always the most enjoyable part, was applying learning’s from the workshops back to the workplace. This was the most powerful part of the course as I was truly making an active effort to ensure expectations are clear and creating a supportive environment.||Measurable results I was able to identify included:|-Less time spent on reporting. This is currently under another review after making a change early in the course and monitoring it.|-More $’s transacted as a result of implementing concepts through my workplace project|-Feedback given to my team member|-More time spent on HPA’s||Goals that I accomplished included my WIN WIN goals:|-New reporting system|-Less time spent on reporting|-New ad booking process|-Workplace project completion||I learnt some important lessons about setting goals throughout the year. One of which relates to the personal goal which I did not achieve. The lesson is to make sure that the goal you are setting is the right goal before setting it. Otherwise you can find yourself moving in the wrong direction or make very little progress. Even if you are unsure that the right goal is selected initially, there should be action steps along the way to monitor and make sure the scope is still relevant.||During the year, I was lucky enough to be asked to ‘step up’ from my team member position into a leadership position. This has been a stretch for me by I am definitely enjoying it and know that I am making some great progress to becoming a better leader in the future. Without the FLM workshops and material, I would not have much of an idea around what my expectations should be of myself in a leadership position.

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