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I’ve gained a lot from attending the course in particular hearing some of the experiences people have had which were similar to mine.||I believe I have grown not only as a manager but in my personal life too from my experience in attending the course, my days are now structured and I’m feeling more in control.||I’ve learnt to manage a team is one thing, but to develop your team is another. By developing your team you achieve so much more, your team members benefit and as their manager you do too. It increases trust, condifence and builds team morale. Your team becomes much more efficient, they are willing and enjoy working for and with you.||I have received some positive feedback from both my Manager and Director in terms of my development as a Manager. Through changing how I used to work and by implementing learnings from the course I have been able to progress some of my HPA’s, this work has been recognised by Directors and Manger’s from various parts within SA Health and positive feedback has been given direct to me and also through my Director.

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