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The main benefit for me were the light bulbs that went off. The biggest one for me was the fact that I had not been paying enough attention to the Learning and Development of my team when in fact as a manager this was one of my key focus areas. Also quite impactful for me was that I should be spending 25% of my time doing my own stuff only and 75% of the time focusing of developing leaders within my team. Other concepts like HPAs and exercises like What Is Your Time Worth were really good. I must admit, half way through the course I was finding it a little repetitive and I found myself providing similar answers in multiple assignments but I must say at the end that a lot of this stuff has sunk in and I think the structure of the course is good. I really realised this during a One on One with my manager Peter Hanna this week, I just realised the actions I proposing to take to address issues that at the start of the year I would not have been aware of to address were all straight from LMA. I commented to Peter at the time that ‘LMA was sinking in’ and he said ‘He could tell’. ||Other aspects of the course I really enjoyed was our facilitator Lars and also the other members of the course. Lars is an excellent facilitator and I really like his approach to the material and the way we all became a bit of a team rather then facilitator/student. Also a great mix of people on the course and always very robust discussion in the workshops, I particularly appreciated the insights from Mick and the challenges he faced in running his pub in The Rocks.||I believe the LEAD surveys are powerful tools and I was a bit surprised how misaligned I was with what was important to my team but comforted in the good feedback I got from them on my own management style and performance.||Also a lot of the learning helped me to crack along with my change project and also recognise when there were issues and how to develop strategies to address the issues.||Overall it has been a very worthwhile experience and I do feel it has improved me as a manager.||Also having all the modules available on mp3 is excellent for those of us too busy to read and have to much time in the car commuting to work!