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The course was full on, the exercises in the workshops were very enjoyable – Camille is an excellent facilitator. |Measurable Results: Using the time analysis worksheet is a very helpful tool to illustrate how much time is taken up by each task. Often the tasks taking up the most time are not HPAs – the information this analysis provides can be used to redirect energy and realign tasks into more productive results. Another measurable result was the amount of time saved by prioritising work into Important / Imperative lists, planning, disabling email alerts / addressing emails 3 times a day only. minimising disruptions and writing everything down. As a result of this course, I have really changed my thinking towards delegating tasks. I now believe it is a positive tool empowering other team members, as well as freeing up time for HPAs.|Goals and Achievments: We continue to have fortnightly team meetings. The handover of payroll to Transaction Services Team Leader is almost complete, The first 10 minutes of every day is spent making an Important / Imperative list, planning and prioritising the day.We have secured the necessary system access to allow one of my team members to have some of my work delegated to her. The email notifier has been disabled twice. My car is happy having been serviced and fitted out with new tires. I have had a fireplace installed and the project to renovate the ensuite is on schedule. Holiday bookings are nearly finalised.

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