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SHORETEL NSW TPE Vaughan Webster

I’m still working on my Win-Win goals (personal and business).|The course was really enjoyable, and, as a group, we always had lively debate and discussion.|I do want to make special mention of Lars Weber. What an absolutely delightful facilitator. Lars’ personal style is especially suited to delivering this type of course. I really enjoyed Lars’ ability to take his life experiences and knowledge, and use them to stimulate discussion. So often in the business and personal world, people jump in with a rapid-fire response to a question or comment…. but I never epxerienced this with Lars. He has a finely honed ability to listen, and NOT respond in a judgemental fashion. Instead, Lars will make a comment which causes you to think further and more deeply about your situation. I really appreciate his style and I value the way in which he shares hs life experiences for the benefit of the students. Well done Lars and I look forward to our next meeting.

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