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Being the part owner of a small start up business it become evident through the early stages of the course that our organisation lacked so many of the fundamentals that form the foundations of a successful business, we just didn’t have the structure in place. Although slightly confronting, the pleasing part of this was firstly we had managed to create our business with some success without these but secondly how much I could take away from the course and implement into our business would be magnified. I was quickly able to recognise where I should be focusing my time (HPAs) and establish a daily routine which included daily to-do lists and focus goals to increase my productivity.|As a result I have been able to reduce my office hours considerably (previously 80+ hrs) and obtain a much healthier work life balance. Just having the workshops to attend and assignments to complete allowed me to step away from working ‘in’ the business and naturally spend more time ‘on’ the business and on my own personal development. ||Some of the goals achieved over the duration of the course include leading and developing our team of field technicians to increase their performance and achieve a 10% improvement in workmanship, measured by a reduction in call back visits, improving my time management by increasing the investment of time on high payoff activities with 50% of my time now dedicated towards my HPA’s, an increase of almost 20% and reducing key-person dependency within the office by developing five key transitional tasks to free up 20% of my time through training and empowering members of the admin team.||Other achievements included working with my manager/mentor to plan a one day business retreat with up to 12 key team members to form a new set of company values, mission and vision statements as well as successfully managing two large scale projects, changing the way our business stores, accesses and uses data as part of the courses ‘change project’ as well as managing a private landscape project as chairman of an owners corporation committee.

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