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SITECH (WA) WA LMR Prabh Jot Singh

The course is excellent. This was exactly what I’ve been wanting to do for years. I’m so sorry I could do it justice or spend more time on assignments. My work commitments are so much that as hard as I tried, I still ended up doing 10-11 hrs at work. Then when you get home it was very very difficult to get motivated to complete the assignments. I hope to use the material provided for future reference.||Applying the module tools at work was not always possible in my line of work. The nature of my work did not allow all team members to be the office at all times. And when they were there, they had work commitments. ||The course have given me good tools to use in the form of the Time Analysis cards, feedback logs, motivation planner. I will certainly be continuing to use these. The tools I have learnt may not be implemented immediately but I can see myself slowly implementing them.||Using some of win-win goals allowed me to make some time available to do other tasks. It has also highlighted a MAJOR blockage in me spending less time at work. And that blockage is a person I closely work with. I hope management allow him to undertake this LMA course.||The course has also showed me that by adopting an ATL approach, this attitude can be contagious in promoting a positive attitude within my team members. It has also showed me that if I take more interest in my staff, i.e. putting them through training plans and creating a motivation plan, we should hopefully reduce staff turnover. ||The course coach, Bruce, has been excellent. I wish he was my mentor. The course facilitator is very engaging. She is always asking you to look into yourself for answers rather that giving the answer to you.

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