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I gained so much from this course that it is hard to know where to begin. Setting up the win/win achievement goals was such a valuable tool. I hadn’t worked to this type of strategy before (not consiously) and was amazed at how much more I could accomplish by committing to a goal and working through the necessary steps to achieve my goals on both a personal and professional level. The ‘team skills audit sheet’ was another great way to identify the gaps in my teams’ skill sets and then put in place a training program to achieve the level of competencey required to fill a particular task. I am using the tools provided to me throughout the course on a daily basis and am finding that I have so much more confidence in so many areas of my role through having the knowledge that these tools have afforded me. My manager has also been extremely supportive of this process and I find myself speaking with him and seeking his guidance in a much more open way since beginning this course. I am enjoying my role much more now and am also benefitting my team in a far more positive way because I am able to share so much of the ideas that I have gained through doing this course. The team that I manage has been able to implement these ideas and the financial benefits to the organisation have been impressive. Team morale has improved significantly as they see the rewards for their efforts.

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