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The most enjoyable aspects of this course were becoming part of a cohesive team. The content of the course is progressive and builds on each module. Accepting the challenge and learning what motivates different people. The goal setting gives purpose and direction. Learning about time and how valuable it is and handing on to other staff, non high payoffs. In learning about ourselves, it was then useful to learn how to development effective teams. Loved the ten principles of developing an effective team with the importance of communication. I enjoyed that our team were from a diverse background giving insight around the four key personality types and understanding where their ideas come from, giving understanding, that went putting a team together, how diversity of personalities can be beneficial.||My measurable results are that I’m more focussed and that I don’t always have to be organised (procrastination) was identified. Just DO. Moved into more professional premises. Client increase. Networking and being focused. Staff productivity has increased. Been able to run workshops at one of our centres. Attending of networking meetings has resulted in the mayor coming to open our new premises for Responsible Gambling Awareness week. ||Able to graduate from university at the end of last year. Spring clean the house. That I can say less and mean more. I know more than I think I know.

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