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The course has allowed me to retrain and reset some old performance habits that once made me successful in my career. It also has given me some new learning’s in regards to how I could manage myself better (tone, behaviour and the 3’E’s).||Personally I’ve improved my health (physical and mental) |1. Lost 8 kilos and changed my lifestyle to continue to lose and maintain more health benefits |2. Decreased blood pressure to the lowest its been for 13 years (consistently)|3 Decreased Cholesterol from 8.3 to 6.1||Business:|1.Our project has won a monthly award for teaming and improved customer service – $100 reward|2. It then won the quarterly award as voted from the MD and executive across the company – $250 |3. We are now strong contenders for the annual award in September. (big reward)||The course has helped me re direct my career path and helped me to define the ideal job and fit that would enhance my needs, my companies and my families.

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