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The most enjoyable part of the course for me, was applying my learning’s at the workplace. Empowering and engaging my staff more than I ever have by delegating and entrusting them. Together, we managed to achieve the outcomes for all of my win win goals and change project ahead of target date. I understand that I am the leader driving this, however it is proven that success comes through your people, and that is something all good leaders need to understand. Teamwork, trust, attitude and behaviour is key for success in business. My time spent during the LMA classes has assisted me become a more complete leader and with the facilitators style of engaging the group , it has been fantastic, because we used real life examples that relate to the module. This in itself, has allowed me to relate to the module better, offer my opinions and solutions that I hope assisted others too. Together as a group, I feel as though we have learnt from each other from day 1. ||The business language that I have learnt such as, HPA,LPA, empowering, and engaging is now commonly used in and amongst my direct reports at work. I feel as though I have ‘stepped it up’ and my team are following in my footsteps to achieve our common goals. Win win goals have paid their dividends, as it has made us more successful as a team and for the company. As of today, our department has produced over $200K in profit this FY [ in 3 months]. So, did LMA help shape and complete me as a better leader, YES is did :-). Still a lot to learn as I develop further, and the best way to continue to learn is to practice and apply myself at work. As high performing leaders we always challenge ourselves and adapt to change quickly in diverse situations and markets.

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