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At first I thought the assignments were way too excessive, however when I started to get right into the tools that are on offer with this course, I gained many benefits and now I am thoroughly enjoying completing all assessments.|The tools assisted me with training schedules that I could easily document. This has been a massive success for me as my boss always says… we need what is in your head on paper.|The other great success I feel is that I now know the true definition of what a goal is. This course is entirely about one thing and that is goal setting. The modules in the course are tools that can be used to receive these goals.|The course also identified the importance of feedback. I have now started working on quarterly feedback session with my team and working on focus and win/win goals.|Overall, a brilliant course that has enabled me to start looking at myself more as a manager. Very frikendly group that I was in and the facilitator was excellent.

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