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Before this course, I wasn’t even aware of how to set goals Now I know the impact Goals have on our ever day life.The most Enjoyable things about the coarse was learning how to use goals mainly the seven day ones and also delegating work So that I can give lesser work to team members so I can consentrate on higher duties. I accomplished all 3 goals public speaking which I achieved at my daughters wedding (2)computer coarse which I felt has helped me in my lma and other achievements at work and the third goal was riding bike to work each morning well most due to weatherrnVICtSSTLSt2015-04-21 12:00:00.000tThe Greater Melbourne Cemetary TrusttTHE GREATER METROPOLITAN CEMETERIES TRUSTtFuneral, Crematorium and Cemetery ServicestBrendantKochtI have found that i have been able to find out some of my personal negatives and shortcomings, which i have been able to make improvements on.|I now use the daily planner to great effect, which helps to prioritise my work.|I am now spending alot more time on my high pay off activitiesrnVICtSSTLSt2015-04-21 12:00:00.000tThe Greater Melbourne Cemetary TrusttTHE GREATER METROPOLITAN CEMETERIES TRUSTtFuneral, Crematorium and Cemetery ServicestMatthewtSimmonstthe goals i achieved were using priorty lists for greater efficiency,increasing my computer skills ,.the enjoyable parts of the course was when i was feeling confronted with what i had to do and completed activities that i thought i would not be able to do i enjoyed doing the focus goals as they taught me that by writing things down help me to complete them and that i can always find the time if i want to .i liked that success is measured by attaining those steps along the way to the goal this freed up my thinking on what success actually is so now i dont get overwhelmed as much .i enjoyed doing the environmental goal.other goals achieved where getting our garden maintenance plan at home completedrnVICtSSTLSt2015-04-21 12:00:00.000tThe Greater Melbourne Cemetary TrusttTHE GREATER METROPOLITAN CEMETERIES TRUSTtFuneral, Crematorium and Cemetery ServicestJasontKnighttI would like to thank Simon , and Alka, for thier time spent with me .|They both have empowered me mentally and physically i have taken control of my work , home life balance|never before have i felt this way and so good about myself.|My achievements are many, i thought i was a good manager , i now now how far from the truth this was !|I now have been given the tools to excel|Most enjoyable aspects of the course i loved the case study’s|Measurable results were Computer skills with out a doubtrnVICtSSTLSt2015-03-31 14:00:00.000tScoresbytNILSEN (VIC) PTY LTDtNon-Residential Building ConstructiontDeettBauertI have enjoyed the diversity of the group and listening to their input and experiences.|Injected with a bit of humour it makes the learning process more enjoyable.|I have gained a more systematic and clear headed approach to my work place activities which help achieve overall success.|Whilst a more long term assessment is required, my team is running more productively, they are taking on more responsibility, morale is good and we are all aimed at a common goal of success with our projects.rnVICtSSTLSt2015-03-31 14:00:00.000tScoresbytLANDPOWER AUSTRALIA PTY LTDtSpecialised Machinery and Equipment ManufacturingtChristGiblintThis cause was an eye opener to me as I am new manger and how much time that I do wash on low pay off actives when I should sent more time on the hpa’s. Just setting smart goals you get to see the outcome as before they would just loose there purpose. Now I do list every day so I can control what needs to be done when it has to be done. I have completed 3 of my win win goals and have set more in my work and personal life.rnVICtSSTLSt2015-03-31 14:00:00.000tScoresbytALLTEL PTY LTDtTelecommunications ServicestBrooketNankint(Pasting in a portion of my graduation presentation speech, since it pretty much answers this question)||I am particularly proud of one particular business Win-Win Agreement goal that I achieved during the course, and that is the introduction of an incentive program to help motivate my team in terms of attention to detail and overall productivity, and to also show them that they are valued not only by myself but the company overall.||I was finally able to close off this goal as of a few weeks ago, after a month and a half trial period which determined that the program wasn’t enough of a challenge for the team as they were ending each month well and truly exceeding the minimum measure required to achieve the incentive. We therefore reviewed and modified the system, and now the program is well and truly in place and underway, and I am looking forward to seeing the team go above and beyond in future tasks and projects.||Some other focus goals that I have implemented throughout the last few months that have also worked toward improving the teams productivity, efficiency and attention to detail have been an Expectations Checklist and QA system.||The Expectations Checklist is exactly that: a checklist that the team must work through before submitting a task, that establishes whether or not they have met all design and usability-related requirements expected of them.||The QA process is there to doubly ensure that the team members have done this successfully. The process is simple; one team member reviews the other’s work before submission.||Putting all of these procedures in place has done wonders for overall team communication, efficiency, attention to detail and quality work output. As a result of this, the amount of rework I used to have to request of the team has reduced significantly, thus leaving me approximately 3 hours per week free to focus more on my HPAs. It has also provided a great return on investment by approximately $200 per week.||My team and managerial responsibilities aside, this course has also helped me take stock of how I approach my own work in terms of communication and time management. One of the tasks that resonated with me and that actually influences my behaviour on an almost daily basis is the Click Colours, where personality types are assigned one of four “colour” categories: The Player, The Analyser, The Carer and The Safekeeper (that’s me). By recognising which personality “colour” your team members or peers most accurately represent, you can personalise the way in with you communicate with them that best resonates with their personality, thus achieving the most valuable results. It was also fun to try and guess which “colour” each of our colleagues were.||Another tool that has also proven beneficial was de Bono’s 6 Thinking Hats. Funnily enough, this is also a colour-based metaphor. It helps me think clearly and thoroughly by directing my thinking attention in one direction at a time–white hat is facts, green hat is creativity, yellow hat is benefits, black is cautions, red hat is feelings, and blue hat is process. This exercise has helped me recognise those times when I might be thinking too much with my red hat on, at which point I quickly change tact.rnVICtSSTLSt2015-03-31 14:00:00.000tScoresbytH B FULLER CO AUSTRALIA P/LtOther Basic Chemical Product ManufacturingtAndrewtDaletMy time management has improved 10 fold and I am more happier at work and at home now (the wheel of life)I am working better with my team and better understanding of my role, and with my goals I have learnt to delegate on task which was a cost saving and at the same time it empowers my team members and gave me a lot of more time to spend on my HPAs the savings on my win win goals was over $30k, over all I become a better team leaderrnVICtSSTLSt2015-03-31 14:00:00.000tScoresbytPLACARD PTY LTDtOther Non-Metallic Mineral Product ManufacturingtShauntClissoldtBoth myself and my manager have noticed that my work performance and communication with staff have improved during the course.As part of the win-win goals I have completed tasks that previous to the course had been put off continually. Now they are complete and have helped me in my role.rnVICtSSTLSt2015-03-31 14:00:00.000tScoresbytINTERLLOY PTY LTDtMineral, Metal and Chemical WholesalingtSandratIvonetDuring this course it was reinforced that being organized is the best policy to take yourself and your team on the path to the expected goal.rnVICtSSTLSt2015-03-18 15:30:00.000tBoeing Aerostructures AustraliatBOEING AEROSTRUCTURES AUSTRALIA PTY LIMITEDtAir and Space TransporttMichaeltWilliamstI feel that the entire process has been an enjoyable and productive one. By utilizing what my time is worth coupled with goal setting and improvement highlighters I was able to transform our Stage 1 Pulse System.rnVICtSSTLSt2015-03-18 15:30:00.000tBoeing Aerostructures AustraliatBOEING AEROSTRUCTURES AUSTRALIA PTY LIMITEDtAir and Space TransporttRoberttGrechtsetting out small win-win goals. How to keep track off things never to loose focus look at the bigger picturernVICtSSTLSt2015-03-18 15:30:00.000tBoeing Aerostructures AustraliatBOEING AEROSTRUCTURES AUSTRALIA PTY LIMITEDtAir and Space TransporttPetertMayestI was able to use my new back garden as personal goals. dont think this would of been acheived with breaking down into small stepsrnVICtSSTLSt2015-03-18 15:30:00.000tBoeing Aerostructures AustraliatBOEING AEROSTRUCTURES AUSTRALIA PTY LIMITEDtAir and Space TransporttSteventKokarevskitOverall I really enjoyed the content of the course, tools available for time management as well as the definition given for a leader/manager.||The course has given me a different mental approach to things in general (relationship building, development, etc.)rnVICtSSTLSt2015-03-18 15:30:00.000tBoeing Aerostructures AustraliatBOEING AEROSTRUCTURES AUSTRALIA PTY LIMITEDtAir and Space TransporttLaurentKeillorti enjoyed this course michael was very helpful and informative i have learnt how to manage my time properlyrnVICtSSTLSt2015-03-18 15:30:00.000tBoeing Aerostructures AustraliatBOEING AEROSTRUCTURES AUSTRALIA PTY LIMITEDtAir and Space TransporttScotttReatThis course has been a great help to me, not only in my work life but also in personal life, this course has provided me with tools to really help me in my day to day work role as a Team Lead, I feel my communication has been the greatest improver throughout the course, improving my communication and learning skills to properly communicate, learning to communicate has allowed me to interact more with my team and from that was able to up skill the entire team.||My personal life, sitting down and planning my goals , actually writing them down, lead me to make a budget and save afford two overseas holidays during the course, now I have started using a diary and even writing down daily goals. Finally I feel much more in control of my life.rnVICtSSTLSt2015-03-18 15:30:00.000tBoeing Aerostructures AustraliatBOEING AEROSTRUCTURES AUSTRALIA PTY LIMITEDtAir and Space TransporttAndrewtWilsontI thing I liked most about the course is how to motivate you team and the different ways about going about it.|This has helped me get the best out of my team and made us more productive as a team.||I was able to establish a visible form of measuring our periodic inspection dates.rnVICtSSTLSt2015-03-12 08:00:00.000tVistaprinttVistaprint Australia Pty LtdtPrinting and Printing Support ServicestDannytZachariahthigh pay off activities,delegation,communication skills.rnVICtSSTLSt2015-03-12 08:00:00.000tVistaprinttVistaprint Australia Pty LtdtPrinting and Printing Support ServicestJosephinetDirectotThe course was excellent, I’m very grateful that I was given the opportunity to become part of it. The trainer was excellent, very relaxed and supportive. ||My communication skill was improved and I became more confident when interacting with other people. ||I accomplished lots of focus goals. I was able to achieve my win-win goal by doing small steps to finish it. ||Overall I became a better person.rnVICtSSTLSt2015-02-05 14:00:00.000tMaribyrnongtMAGELLAN LOGISTICStOther Transport Support ServicestRoycetde los ReyestThe course was very informative for every module where it has provided a step by step guide in achieving resultsrnVICtSSTLSt2015-02-05 14:00:00.000tMaribyrnongtTECHTRONIC INDUSTRIES AUSTRALIA PTY LTDtOther Machinery and Equipment WholesalingtJoshtCuttrisstgoals setting and team growth to help work as onernVICtSSTLSt2015-02-05 14:00:00.000tMaribyrnongtCALENDAR CHEESE CO. PTY. LTD.tDairy Product ManufacturingtSalaevalutKamutatBeing able to speak to my team with conviction. Instead of shaking and getting all nervous when having toolbox meetings.rnVICtSSTLSt2015-02-05 14:00:00.000tMaribyrnongtCROSS DOCKS AUSTRALIA PTY. LTD.tWarehousing and Storage ServicestRichardtColliertThe course has shown me where to focus my attention as well as how to achieve results within my team.rnVICtSSTLSt2015-02-05 14:00:00.000tMaribyrnongtBOEING AUSTRALIA COMPONENT REPAIRS PTY LTDtAccommodationtAluntMorristthe most enjoyable part of the course for me is attending the workshops. it is great to hear people’s stories, ideas and problems they have at their place of work.rnVICtSSTLSt2015-02-05 14:00:00.000tMaribyrnongtCROSS DOCKS AUSTRALIA PTY. LTD.tWarehousing and Storage ServicestJodietKennetttlearning my HPA,S|delegation|time management|communication|taking accountability|this course has helped me to become a better team lederrnVICtSSTLSt2015-02-05 14:00:00.000tMaribyrnongtLANDPOWER AUSTRALIA PTY LTDtSpecialised Machinery and Equipment ManufacturingtAndrewtHurleytMy Win Win goals were largely centered around projects that I had wanted to to do and were also long standing wishes of my team before I become their leader 1 1/2 years ago. Using Feed Back On-Line and listing the goals and more importantly the steps to achieve these goals enabled to get them done.rnVICtSSTLSt2014-07-24 08:00:00.000t1400 LMA Resource CentretH.B. FULLER COMPANY AUSTRALIA PTY LIMITEDtTimber and Hardware Goods WholesalingtScotttLaszlotgetting my boat licence and being able to take my daughter fishing was one of my win win goalsrnVICtSSTLSt2014-07-24 08:00:00.000t1400 LMA Resource CentretNCI PACKAGING PTY LTDtConverted Paper Product ManufacturingtDanieltKennedytI really enjoyed hearing from the experiences of my classmates, especially their real world examples on all of the topics that are covered in the course. The most important thing that resulted from my participation in the course was more an personal change, where the use of goal planning and focus has helped me to take a bit more control over my life outside work. The course material prompts you to think about your work life, the relationships you have with your work colleagues and team members, and is very helpful in assisting with planning and management in the team leader role.rnVICtSSTLSt2014-07-24 08:00:00.000t1400 LMA Resource CentretNORTHWEST AIRCONDITIONINGtMachinery and Equipment Repair and MaintenancetNicholastSharptA goal I accomplished from setting win-win goals was losing 8kg which has helped me become more fit and active and has placed me on a great path to losing more weight.rnVICtSSTLSt2014-07-24 08:00:00.000t1400 LMA Resource CentretNILSEN (VIC) PTY LTDtNon-Residential Building ConstructiontGerardtVanDerVeldentThe most enjoyable aspect of the course was the completion, it gave me a great sense of achievement to know that I have managed to navigate through the course literature and doctrine for what I believe is a successful outcome.rnVICtSSTLSt2014-07-24 08:00:00.000t1400 LMA Resource CentretNILSEN (VIC) PTY LTDtNon-Residential Building ConstructiontMarktHuehntPeople from all types of businesses and different levels of leadership were all willing to share their individual experiences with the class.|The course was of great value for me stepping up from a trades person to a leader/ manager. I felt it gave me a good understanding of how to deal with individual team members and also about team dynamics.|The course also gave me the confidence to help develop a successful team.rnVICtSSTLSt2014-07-24 08:00:00.000t1400 LMA Resource CentretARDEX AUSTRALIA PTY LIMITEDtOther Non-Metallic Mineral Product ManufacturingtStephentGaringtI would like to think my communication skills are improving not only with the team members but other personal that i work with. ||The wheel of life intrigued me i am still trying to work that part out about my life past and present.||My belief in being able to attend any course is that i seem to gain more value through the other participants, as we all have everyday problems and concerns not only at work but the home life is a very big part for all concerned. ||The colors thinking hats was not a let down i know i am a do not care type of person and they proved it (haha)||I will look back at certain parts of this course and say yes i have achieved something, i am not one to give myself high praise, i have put a lot more effort than i would normally would as this course pushed some of my boundaries and i know i need a foot up backside every now and then.rnVICtSSTLSt2014-07-24 08:00:00.000t1400 LMA Resource CentretVEOLIA ENVIRONMENTAL SERVICES (AUSTRALIA) PTY LTDtWaste Treatment, Disposal and Remediation ServicestChloetReadingtThis course made me enjoy doing course work and completing assignments. It has made me want to continue study and up skill. I wanted to reduce the amount of interruptions i received each day at work and also free up some more of my time. By setting win-win agreement goals (with some help from my mentor), i was able to work out the right steps to achieve these goals. I also enjoyed the focus goals. I found they really helped to complete the bigger goals. I hope to implement this in my every day tasks for work and personal life.rnVICtSSTLSt2014-07-17 08:00:00.000tVistaprinttVistaprint Australia Pty LtdtPrinting and Printing Support ServicestAngelatBacsinetI really enjoyed the course. Peter is a great teacher he made the sessions really enjoyable interesting and open. Great role model.||I enjoyed discover all changes what I need to make myself to see changes in others.rnVICtSSTLSt2014-07-17 08:00:00.000tVistaprinttVistaprint Australia Pty LtdtPrinting and Printing Support ServicestCharmainetEndayatThank you to for being part of this course it was a really a good one, because of this I’m more positive. I learnt how to improved more on my communication skills.rnVICtSSTLSt2014-07-17 08:00:00.000tVistaprinttVistaprint Australia Pty LtdtPrinting and Printing Support ServicestHannahtJoycetWas a very interesting course for myself, It helped me understand and learn how to deal with different types of attitudes and behaviours within a work place.|Understanding the role of a manager and its real purpose apposed to thinking otherwise.|Delegating task to be able to accomplished other task.||I now no how to prioritised.|split work from home.|be more organised and accomplish more by writing task down.|ask questions if unsure.rnVICtSSTLSt2014-07-17 08:00:00.000tVistaprinttVistaprint Australia Pty LtdtPrinting and Printing Support ServicestLiyingtTantThis is definatly a fun learning experience. All the topics covered in the course are very close to what’s happening at work everyday, so there’s so many times I can apply what we discussed in the class on the shopfloor during work straight away.|Different form of learning, such as survey, games, role play make the course contents very appealing and also practical.|Also the classmates” from different departments brings in different perspective into the learning and discussion, which makes everyone knows more about how other team works and what’s happening in the background of our daily operations.|Last but not least, my mentor and manager are very supportive during the course. They provided lots of good advices and resource during feedback/one on one secssions, and they always encourage me to apply my learnings.

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