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Since commencing this LMA course, The Performance Edge I have made leaps and bounds in improving my stress levels, becoming more confident in my leadership and management style and tweaking my work habits and practices. The Performance Edge as been life changing and the most enjoyable part of the course is the comradery from the other course participants, the support and guidance from Kris the Course Facilitator and the Course Coach Ross. The saying only a village can raise a child applies to this course as only a village of support can change a person’s attitude and confidence and give them the Performance Edge.||Every aspect of the course is relevant, intersting and worthwhile. I particularly enjoyed Goal Setting which was also one of my most important ‘light bulb’ moments but I had never before had any experience with the importance of goal setting and action steps etc . I love focus goals now which I use all the time. I am getting so much done in my personal and business life. Congratulations LMA!!!!