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It was a great journey of self awareness and personal growth. I feel more confident now as a Manager and am better equipped now to lead my team to work on effective goals and achieve great results. The tools that were provided throughout the course I will continue to use to as a point of reference and have distributed these also to the team.|We are now communicating on a regular basis with team meetings and regular catch-ups, which has improved morale and team rapport (especially since we are located at different branches). We have collectively implemented flowcharts for key processes and now have a clear structure for the admin team (with each team member now a champion of a particular area), and we have been developing structured training modules for new and existing staff, which includes training videos.|What I have enjoyed the most is applying what I’ve learned back at work – my team feel more engaged and have increased their productivity, I now have more time to focus on my HPAs and better management of my time, and I feel more confident in being an effective Leader. I’m really excited about the future direction of our department, and where we can take it!

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