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Started the TSE with narrow minded thinking; unteachable attitude and massive challenge to overcome my resistance to becoming a successful sales professional. In the past, I had been successful at selling in a self taught bravado and my results had been spectacular, random and ad hoc and hard to replicate. |At the same time, I had changed work responsibilities, which shifted significantly to 100% Business Development and I was slowly transitioning to a 100% commitment to selling and building a pipeline for the business. At the same time the business was realising it was in a market that had no recognition of the brand; the company had little to no resources for marketing the brand; and a business was struggling to generate leads effectively. This was a pure Business Development phase before any Sales executed.||The personal goals linked to the achievement of Business Goals was the first of many breakthroughs. |Over the course of the TSE program my success can be tracked almost parallel to the course materials. By the mid term evaluation, I had a good understanding of the theory and was able to apply the practical skills of Closing / Handling Stalls and Objection as the number of appointments and success converting leads increased. |The celebration of my first closed sale in Queensland eluded me . After all the cold and warmer calls, the asking for referrals, and endless appointments and proposal presentation, I closed the first contract with a client who has been in my original marketing plan. ||Going forward I am extremely confident and positive about the future. I have built a pipeline that will exceeded the targeted budget. It will take focused goals, HPA’s, practice and persistence to convert into contracts. I am now able to approach the challenge with predictable confidence, disciplined workflows, and a practiced tool kit.||Most enjoyable Aspect – the fortnightly workshops with very open conversation and learning from other how they have been going. I was often inspired by others success when I was struggling.||Measurable results – In 9 months, from 0 to 1 sales, 3 Contracts; 8 presentations; and 35 appointments to built a pipeline with $7.9 million in opportunities.| |What Goals and achievements that matter – 3 significant breakthrough in personal goals accomplished, that would not have been possible without the consistent commitment to setting and completing Focused goals each fortnight.

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