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The greatest learning’s for me during the coarse were;||1. Selling a solution rather than a product.||2.Focussing more on our USP in my sales presentations and less on the generic corporate slides.||3. Customer research and maintaining a customer information database||4. The different prospecting methods and the power of referrals||5. Focusing on HPA and delegating LPA activities.||My Win-Win agreement results were;||1. Win-Win Agreement Goal No.1 – Develop a strategy and plan to win a contract in the defence industry. Result – We have been awarded with a number of products to be supplied on the Hawkei vehicles over the next three years.||2. Win-Win Agreement Goal No.2 – Conduct research and planning to develop a complementary business relationship . Result – We have successfully developed a complementary business relationship with a current customer in growth mode.||2. Developing a minimum of 8 new prospects within the next 5 months. Result – Since commencing the LMA, I have developed approximately 20 new prospects.

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