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My biggest success was in becoming more aware of my role as a leader and areas I can improve on. I feel I am taken more seriously by my team now and they are embracing the changes I am implementing. I enjoyed the beginning of the course more than towards the end due to my time constraints. ||One of my goals was to create less interruptions in the office so I could concentrate on my tasks. This has certainly been achieved with using suggestions from the course and many of the tools suggested.||Another goal for me was to create a better work/life balance to spend more time with my daughter. Our relationship has blossomed since taking this course on as I am much more aware now of the importance of being ‘present’ when I am around her and have used tools from this course to ensure I can leave work behind when I walk out the door.||Overall I am pleased with the content of the Course. I only wish I had more time to focus on it towards the end as I can certainly see that the last 2 topics would have been of great benefit to me. I will revisit these though.

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