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1. Learning from the other participants experiences, both successes and challenges. Sharing my experiences with them. This was very beneficial to me as it introduced reality to the course.|2. Having the information of what is required to be a good Leader from a reputable source with tools and support along the way. What else could I ask for.|3. The CDs is a blessing, it can be taken anywhere and listened to while doing other things. Space repetition is a good technique.|4. The structure of the program is well designed, I knew what I had to do in advance, reminded me of what status my assignments is at and provides feedback on what was done. The hard copy folders are great and the FBOL is magnificent.|5. Great structure of manager/mentor, facilitator/coach and participant. This is a win win structure.|6. The program is designed to work in the real world. It allowed me to use it in the workplace and improve what has to be done anyway.|I have rearranged my tasks to focus on my High Payoff Activities. This allowed me to be more strategic and take the business forward rather than continue to do routine work only with no long term benefit.|I have accomplished all my win win goals and are working on some of my personal goals. |This program allowed me to refocus my life by using the “Wheel of Life” to determine where I needed to invest more time and energy. I am now a more all rounded individual and I think I am a better person as I have more respect for people, more patient and more knowledgeable. Not sure if it my mind playing tricks on me but I feel other people treats me with more respect. |Love this program and would recommend it to everyone in a leadership position.

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