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I learned alot about my self, some of my cousrse goals were to do certain things better and once I focused on the goal realised that there was no need for change, I just hadn’t taken the time to assess how I was managing. One goal was to reduce interuptions and I had a grand schem to achieve this which I had been thinking about before the course. Once I focused on it, the solution was much simpler then I had imagined.|Using the weekly focus goal was a good way fro me to concentrate on painting my house. I always had a back up goal in case the weather stopped me from painting but as it turned outthe wether was on my side and I managed to complete the house. With out making it a weekly focus goal I doubt I would of completed it as I have so many other projects I want to get stuck into but this course helped me to make it a priority and keep focused.|My work life has had a noticeable change. before the course I felt swamped with my work load and often worked late to keep up but now complete my work load with out putting as many hours this isn’t to say that I didn’t enjoy my job before the course because I did but now I feel more productive.

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