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1) I enjoyed the interactive discussions and variety of workplaces represented in our group.|2) Tracy was very encouraging and helped me to explore different solutions to the problems I face in my role in the workplace.|3) I thought the time management and HPA parts of the course provided a real and tangible way of achieveing better results in a short time period and therefore motivating us to implement these concepts into our daily routines.|4) The focus goals and action steps are a good method of staying on track and aid the completition of tasks and goals.|5) The Imperative/Important lists have been a valuable method for prioritising my tasks.|6) Learning how to use delegation and empowerment will definitely help me to work more effectively with my team members and free up more time to focus on my HPAs.|7) Adding a “personal” win-win agreement goal to the course requirements is a good way to extend the benefits of the course beyond the business and add to the “work, life, balance” we all strive for.

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