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1.) The course facilitator Michael Laing is a true professional and was able to lead & weave the class down many different paths to get the right the message across. He made it enjoyable,informative,challenging & rewarding by directing questions to participants in a way that tested their strengths & weaknesses. He I thought, got the best out of all involved.|2.) Measurable results for me:|(a) Increased production numbers on site.|(b) Team members on site are clearly happier with a better sense of direction knowing where we have to be and how we are going to get there|(c) Team members are more willing to express their views & recommendations.|(d) Production dates & forecast handover dates are more accurate.|(e) Self belief |(f) Interruptions affecting work estimated to be down by 35%|(g) An increase in dialogue between myself & Upper Management.||3.) Goals accomplished |(a) That I started re-setting GOALS again after 20 years!|(b) Overseas trip booked for next year something that was not done at beginning of course.|(c) Less stress – measurable by sleeping better at night.|(d) Renewed confidence

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