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The Sales Edge course has shown me |1.) The importance of goal setting and how a balanced number of goals is important (If you want to break a man’s vision…give him another goal) and the action steps are crucial. This area taught me to understand where you want to go, have the courage to take the first of small steps and stay focussed along the way to the purpose.|2). Staying above the line is paramount and that its all about choice as to which side you sit on.|3). What is imperative and what is important. you either Do it, Delegate it or Dump it.|4). Develop a pipeline of who is currently buying, negotiating, prospecting and leads.|5). Closing is not about closing, Closing is about how you prepare, In the analogy of Fishing – what fish do you want to catch, where do they lie, on which beach, river or lake, what bait do I need and what boat and line is needed. |Do this right and the fish will come.||1. Who are our A Class prospects?|2. Where do they come from, what are the demographics and industries?|3. What do they need and what is their pain?|4. Who are the stakeholders that need to be visited in the A class profile?|5. How am I going to get to them?|6. What am I going to tell them when I get to them?|7. What is the procedure for them to buy from me – what’s the mechanism?|8. Who will they refer me too when I’ve done a great job?||Challenges I had prior to the program were a lack of confidence in sales as I would come up against other Managing Directors in the market place who were Sales savvy where my strength was Finance and Operations. Not being able to support my sales team with the appropriate information and learning’s as I had little experience in this area and the upside was that I was challenged and stretched which caused me to focus on up skilling in this area.

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