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As I have above I did enjoy the workshops. I was impressed with the course content and the way it align with what Western Power is about. I was not too fussed about doing the training as I was a Team Leader for 20 years and believed I was going OK. How wrong I was! The training gave me new energy as a team leader not only on a personnel level on a team level. I was starting to ask myself “Why am I a Team Leader” The answer was simple “Lead, develop, coach, support a team of people to achieve an outcome safely, in doing this, add value to the organisation that employed you. I am grateful for the experience. I have been given a lot of tools in this frontline training, the tools I use and will continue to use are Goal setting both focus (small wins) and Win Win goals. The goal setting gives myself and team a purpose to continually strive to achieve a better results in adding value.

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