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The enjoyable part of the course was lead by the facilator Clint who was able to engage and involve everyone. He was very encouraging which in turns created an excellent enviroment for us participants to share knowledge and applied our learnings.|I am now very confident in my own abiltiy as a formal leader, and is backed up by the structure learning of the course. The confidence gained by myself can be also shown in my teams/team members in that the continious improvement enviroment in we are all seeking are also evident. ie: in our last team meeting, one teams was able to raised a subject where the job reported and raised was unnecessary. Furthermore, they were able to explain back to our whole team on why it was not neccessary and how it could have been checked by the people on site. The team member affected was able to take feedback iand acknowledge the gap in themself and it lead to more of a Q&A discussion between them self (Posite, accept learning above the line behaviour). |If this was raised 12 months ago, it would have lead to a heated discussion and would lead to a below the line behaviour including myself.

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