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The most enjoyable part of the course was the workshops. These provided a forum for discussion, discovery, learning and understanding. The commitment of all of the participants only added to this and was complemented by Clint’s ability to get everyone engaged via his use of examples, mind teasers, mini quizzes and by the shear force of his effervescent personality.|I have found that my team engage with me more often and more enthusiastically, this has to be a positive benefit although difficult to measure. However as we often discussed in workshops, a happy team is a productive team.|I also discovered that “letting go” was not as hard as I had been making it and it provided my team members with the ability to steer their own course and remain in control of their role. This has been a very positive outcome for both team members and myself. My team members feel they have the full support and confidence of their team leader and I have more time to spend on my HPA’s.||Win Win

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