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The most enjoyable aspect was being able to connect with a new group of peers that I would not normally have contact with. The opportunity to share in their successes, help with their challenges, learn from their experience and pass on some of my experiences was invaluable and made such a difference to my learning experience.||I have been able to translate a lot of the learnings into my day to day job as well as pass on my experiences to my fellow team leader. This has led to a far more unified working team and brought greater consistency to how we both manage our respective teams. Our team members are more relaxed, engaged and happier too.||The win-win agreements were fairly light on to begin with but the second round agreements were far more business and outcome focussed. I will be using this technique in future.||The weekly focus goals were extremely useful in helping direct me to what was important and needed to be done that week. These along with the Imperative/Important are the most valuable tools I took away from the course.

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