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WESTERN POWER WA HPM Daniel Rossandich

The course was well timed, as I took on the management of new teams during a period of significant change for the organization. Lesson regarding the value cycle, the change continuum, phases of team development all assisted me in managing and leading my teams to higher performance. ||Tools such as the decision analyzer, , meeting planner, important/imperative to do planner, delegation planner were practical for myself as well as for my team to use in organizing their teams, following up with actions, staying focused, driving high performance.||The role play sessions were equally valuable, particularly the more difficult conversations we as managers need to have with team members to bring performance back on track.||At the beginning of this course I set out to improve my management and leadership skills by understanding the latest in industry thinking through LEAD surveys, exposure to the latest in high performance management material, tools, training techniques and gaining insights into different organizations through interaction with fellow course participants. I have definitely achieved this goal, but more importantly I have developed new confidence and motivation to continue this development journey and encourage my teams and colleagues to the the same.

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