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The workshop environment provides a fantastic platform away from work, with other like-minded emerging leaders where you can share ideas, trials and tribulations and experiences. It genuinely is a sanctuary to express opinions and feelings and bounce concepts off one another. For me it’s the real essence of LMA and the core mechanism of the course. If my diary would allow it I’d have happily attended weekly as I felt I gained a great insight into how Managers from all walks of industry conduct themselves, their tools, stories and ideas.||Having progressed from Cert IV directly into the Dip it’s been quite a long process but I feel the biggest change in myself is my confidence, belief and realisation. The little bit of uncertainty that I may have had form time-to-time a year ago has gone and I truly feel like I am leading a team and making a difference. ||I particularly enjoyed the conept of hosting LMA workshops away from the ‘class room’ and visit participants work places. This was a great way of broadening the mind.||From a personal perspective I have quit smoking and am slowly but surely doing more and more exercise; swimming and jogging.

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