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WORKPAC QLD COL Krista Kelland

What I found most enjoyable about this course was how much the content relates to what we do in our day to day activities and provides suggestions for dealing with difficult situations. Something that I have learnt is the importance of delegation. This was something I never thought my team members would want and I did not want to be perceived as lazy by handing my work off to others. Since learning to delegate I have watched my team thrive on being given tasks to complete and see them through.||Writing out my goals was also something I also found valuable. While we often think about our goals writing them down in a way helps make you feel accountable for ensuring they are achieved. My personal goal of increasing my fitness level is something I have achieved and will continue to progress with. ||Lastly, writing out a daily plan of what I need to have achieved by the end of the day is something I now do daily. Previously I found my time management was not the best and I would loose track easily of what needs to be done. Since talking with Bill and him asking why I am not writing down a daily plan I decided I would do this and have found it most helpful.

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