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XCHANGING NSW LMR Benjamin Loydall

I enjoyed the class greatly as this really highlighted certain aspects of my personal management training and assisted in areas I didn’t either know about or thought I was doing OK with that subject matter.||The below four modules I enjoyed the most as they related to me personally and my current work structure, most of the material I could use in my live environment and I have seen both a shift in my teams performance and behaviour||* Module 2 – Exercising Authority Effectively|* Module 3 – Improving Results through better time management|* Module 4 – The Art of Delegation|* Module 7 – Motivating People to Produce||One of the other best ideas of this course is that the module flow through evenly and all relate to one another in some way.||I look forward to coming back soon to complete the other 6 modules to obtain a Certificate 4 in front line management.

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