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Coaching to success

As a result of flattening and restructuring in the late 1980s, managers and leaders had less time for the important activities of mentoring and coaching. Consequently, both the employers and the employees may be missing out today.

When asked what they see to be the benefits (if any) for themselves or their staff of having a mentor or coach*:

  • 48% of employees, 55% of managers and 58% of leaders chose ‘empowers me to improve my performance and productivity’.
  • 39% of employees, 20% of managers and 28% of leaders chose ‘enables me to develop better understanding of how to manage people, skills and resources’.
  • 31% of employees, 11% of managers and 14% of leaders chose ‘assists me in setting business objectives/goals’.

Interestingly, around three-quarters of the employees indicate that having a mentor or coach is important to their decision to stay with their current organisation.

It would seem that mentoring and coaching is a cost and time effective way to both develop the employee and retain their commitment to the organisation into the future. A win-win situation for both employer and employee.

*Employee responses refer to their own benefits, leader and manager responses refer to staff benefits.

From LMA’s L.E.AD. survey book “Today’s workplace – Present realities…Future realities”, 2013
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