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Complaints policy

LMA is committed to providing a quality service for Participants and their employers, and values feedback from Participants, staff and employers.

 Complaints procedure

Any concern relating to assessment, course content, quality of course delivery, (including the behaviour of other Participants in the learning environment) resource materials or any other aspect of the service delivered by LMA, its staff or licensees, should be directed to the LMA Delivery Quality Manager as soon as possible, so we can do everything possible to quickly resolve the issue.

Informal complaint

Complaints about assessment outcomes should be addressed through the Assessment Appeals process.  All other complaints should be addressed through the informal complaint process in the first instance.

LMA has a process for fair and equitable settlement of complaints.

  • The initial stage of any complaint is for the Complainant to raise their concerns as soon as practicable with the individual(s) concerned, the aim being to resolve the problem directly and informally.
  • If the Complainant would prefer not to approach the individual concerned directly or are not satisfied with the initial response to the grievance they should raise their concern with the RTO Delivery Quality Manager.
  • The RTO Delivery Quality Manager will discuss the concern with the Complainant and will also speak with the other parties involved with the aim of satisfactorily resolving the issue.
  • If the Complainant is not satisfied with the outcome, they will be informed of their right to lodge a formal complaint in writing to the CEO.

Formal complaint

Formal complaints may only proceed after the informal complaint procedure has been finalised.

  • Formal complaints about LMA, our staff or licensees, must be made in writing by the Complainant or their representative to the CEO.
  • The CEO will acknowledge receipt of the complaint within 3 working days and may contact the Complainant or their representative to seek clarification of any information relevant to the complaint.
  • Any party, against whom a complaint is lodged, has the right to view the written complaint and access any evidence provided by the Complainant.  The party is entitled to present a defence against the complaint and may nominate a chosen representative to act on their behalf
  • Any complaint and the process of its resolution will remain confidential between the parties involved.
  • The CEO will make every effort to resolve the complaint internally between the parties involved within a reasonable timeframe, but not exceeding 4 weeks.
  • Should the resolution of the complaint take more than 4 weeks, the CEO will advise the complainant in writing of the reasons for the extended timeframe and provide regular updates on the progress of the matter.
  • Once the complaint has been investigated by the CEO, the Complainant will be provided with a written statement explain the outcome of the complaint and the actions if any to be taken by LMA.
  • If a complainant is dissatisfied with the outcome of the internal complaints procedure, they will be referred to independent organisations to which they can appeal at no cost.
  • Both the Participant and the party, against whom the complaint is lodged, may nominate a chosen representative to act on their behalf in any subsequent discussions or arbitration.

LMA retains a ‘Complaints Register’ which documents all formal complaints and their resolution.

Written Complaints can be lodged by email to Grant Sexton of by post to LMA, 1400 Malvern Road, Glen Iris, Victoria 3146