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Continuous improvement – Making a 1% commitment

How many times has an impending milestone rolled around, say a New Years or a momentous birthday, and along for the ride are the numerous but very rarely achieved resolutions (e.g. get fit, save more money, make more time for people, get that promotion)?

Unless you are a member of a small minority who are naturally consistent, goal-orientated high achievers, maintaining motivation and the commitment to achieving your goals is often hard and gruelling work. Without a plan in place or support behind you, the road to personal growth and development can seem like an arduous path to tread.

This is where the principles and thought patterns instilled through the practice of continuous improvement can make a huge difference to your personal life. By applying the principles of continuous improvement to your own goals, you can activate the concept of “1% improvement” to the big things you want to achieve in life.

The phrase “slow and steady wins the race” is a perfect summary for continuous improvement. If you truly desire a successful life where you are thriving, the first thing you must do is embrace the length of the journey towards self improvement you are embarking on. It is a lifelong journey of learning, self discovery and growth – it cannot be achieved through random bursts or moments of enthusiasm. On the contrary, only consistent and constant gradual changes that will have impact over time.

Once you are ready to step off the self improvement roller coaster, it’s time to embrace the philosophy of small, continuous improvement.

Start by setting your goals based on the philosophy of 1% incremental achievements. Keep in mind that setting the goal is the fun part. Staying motivated, focused and on track to achieving any goal is the hard part that requires day-to-day action. While the idea of 1% improvement may not seem like much in the short term, the concept of Kaizen (1% improvement from Japanese philosophy) works with the notion that over time, the smaller increments will add up to the achievement of any goal you set. No matter how small the amount of progress you make each day, you are guaranteed to feel a step closer to reacher your goal.

In the next piece  we will be looking into how to keep yourself motivated on your daily 1% journey.