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Continuously Improve in 2019

At this time of year, we all tend to reflect on the year that was and also start thinking about the year ahead.  As you consider 2019, what you would like to achieve and the changes you would like to make, please realise that you have the power to determine and control the outcomes and results for the year.

Our theme for the first quarter 2019 is Continuous Improvement:-  Continuous Improvement in your personal and professional development as an individual and Continuous Improvement in your leadership skills and workplace results.

Individual Continuous Improvement for Success in 2019

Consider this definition of success. 

“Success is the progressive realisation of predetermined, worthwhile, personal goals”  – Paul J Meyer

Most of our readers will have seen and heard this definition before.  In 2019, set new, challenging and worthwhile goals in all six areas of life using the Total Person Concept you were introduced to in your LMA program.  Break these goals down into action steps with realistic deadlines.  Make these goals “SMART Goals”.

Commit to living a life of personal and professional goals accomplishment and Continuous Improvement.  Accept that you have the untapped potential to develop your current skills, abilities and qualities, as well as developing new and exciting ones.  This is only natural as we are all hard wired to strive for improvement in what we do.   

While the tools and practices of Continuous Improvement are often seen as ways to improve business systems and performance, they also apply to our own personal development and growth.  Embrace the concept of becoming a better you in all areas of life in 2019.

Workplace Continuous Improvement for Success in 2019

Much has been written in recent years about the concept and practice of Continuous Improvement in the workplace.  The pursuit of never ending increases in productivity, quality and profit underpins most strategic as well as operational plans.  In fact, Continuous Improvement is often presented as a methodology or set of systems that successful organisations embrace to ensure that they survive and prosper in a competitive and ever-changing market.

But Continuous Improvement is more than a system or a process applied to an organisation, department or a work team.  It is a state of mind, a set of values and a commitment to never accepting the notion that “things can’t be done better”.  Continuous Improvement begins with the idea that there might be a better way.  It involves people, processes and persistence to provide an ongoing means of remaining competitive and successful.  It relies upon effective teamwork, willing management and vigilance from the people at all levels of an organisation.  Importantly, it works on the premise that improvement will come from anywhere and anyone within the team, department or organisation, not just from the top down.

In 2019 you and your team can build a framework for continuous improvement within your area of responsibility.  This is the choice that you, as the leader, can make.

Encourage your team to look for new and better ways to do things – to accept an “Above the Line” attitude for their actions in your workplace.  Promote innovation and change.  Motivate individuals to risk, learn and grow their professional competencies.  In short, accept the challenge in 2019 to engage them in the positive group dynamics that evolves when everyone is focused on, and seeking, Continuous Improvement.

During the next quarter we hope the ideas and content we provide will be of significant value to you as you make 2019 your best year ever.

Grant Sexton
Founder and Chairman