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Other services

Management Tools that Increase Performance, Productivity and Profitability

Over the last 45 years LMA has developed, adapted and/or utilised hundreds of management tools, Time management tools and business management tools to significantly increase the performance, productivity and profitability of its participants and clients.

Whether embedded into our courses or standalone custom tailored solutions, we have an array of management tools to suit your needs.  From simple but effective Time management tools, to comprehensive online performance management systems, and from industry leading psychometric assessments to utilising the results of Australia’s leading workplace survey, we have the tools and expertise to deliver the measurable results you need.

Psychometric Tests/Assessments for Recruitment and Employee Development & Retention

48 million psychometric tests/psychometric assessments delivered to over 80,000 organisation in 122 countries

Human resource management challenges cost your company time, money, resources, lost opportunities, and reduced productivity, to name a few.

LMA, through its sister company, Profiles International Australia, utilises world leading psychometric testing to address these challenges by:

  • Improving candidate selection
  • Reducing staff turnover
  • Building team cultures
  • Making coaching more focussed and effective
  • Increasing productivity through better job match success

Discover our full range of reliable and objective assessments that are:

  • Normed to Australia and New Zealand
  • Simple to use and interpret
  • Comprehensive for the individual and management

To discuss how our leading psychometric tests and psychometric assessments can immediately address existing, and prevent future, HR management challenges, contact us today to speak to and LMA representative in your area.