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Craft a better workplace with LMA’s Increased Performance and Productivity tips.

The clock is ticking! With only a few more weeks left until EOFY, it’s time to make some positive changes for yourself, your team, and your workplace.  These outlined processes can help you to obtain Increased Performance and Productivity, impacting your business in new and exciting ways through the new financial year.

LMA’s tips to Increase Performance and Productivity:

  • Make the best use of the resources you have– most people harbour great ideas that can improve productivity. They’re just waiting to be asked to offer them. To drive performance and productivity, expect big things from people in terms of them offering up their ideas, improvements and changes.  These instincts from your team are often the perspective that is needed to make the workplace better. Look to make improvement conversations a regular feature of your interactions with the team.
  • Get to know your people better– work out what makes each person tick and how you can best tap into their needs and motivations to drive performance and productivity by spending quality time with them. Work hard to understand the needs of different generations and look to create an environment that encourages engagement and commitment at all levels, not just your own.
  • Lead everyone to focus on goal setting and High Payoff Activities (HPAs)– look to develop individual and team goals to drive performance and productivity. Build goal setting and goal reviewing activities into every aspect of your role, your department and the organisation as a whole. Make discussions about goals a regular feature of team meetings, work-in-progress discussions and toolbox meetings. Look for opportunities to celebrate the successful accomplishment of goals – be they big or small.  Additionally, develop an obsession with what LMA calls High Payoff Activities (HPAs), whereby you devote the bulk of your time to the key activities that generate the biggest return for you, your department and the organisation overall. Start the day with a plan and regularly check that you’re sticking to it. Regularly ask yourself “Is what I’m doing right now the best use of my time?” If you answer yes, keep doing it. If you answer no, stop and move onto something that delivers a higher payoff.
  • Communicate, communicate, communicate– commit yourself to listening to your team more than talking to them. Make giving and receiving great feedback a key activity and look to communicate clearly and fully at all times. Recognise that communication is never-ending and unrelenting and is the lifeblood of effective managers. It must be developed, practised and honed to encourage personal and team performance and productivity.
  • Build the Wall, One ‘brick’ at a time– break big challenges and issues (walls) into smaller, more achievable tasks (bricks). Set about gaining momentum by completing a series of small steps on the way to achieving the big goal. Look to involve others at every step and take time to reflect on and celebrate the progress being made in order to drive further action.

As EOFY approaches, it is a good time to think about your impact on your business or workplace and how you might make positive changes. LMA offer a full breadth of courses that can give you the leadership edge in business.  Alternatively you can click here to contact us directly or call:  1800 333 270