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Define Your Leadership With Positive Expectancy

At all times, people look to their leaders for direction and inspiration.

However, during times of uncertainty, change or challenge, their need for strong leadership is even greater.  At this unique time in history, it’s important that you clearly define your style of leadership – setting the example by Leading with Positive Expectancy.

Positive Expectancy begins with a sense of self-awareness, that eliminates confusion by defining your direction and the goals and objectives that you want to achieve.  Self-awareness gives you a track to run on and a plan to follow.  It allows you to align and use your talents and energy to the fullest.  Self-awareness makes you predictable and reliable in both your communications and your actions.

Positive Expectancy is enhanced through self-acceptance of who you are and who you can become.  Choosing to accept yourself as you really are today, with your current strengths and weaknesses, your assets and liabilities, is one of the most vital and important decisions you’ll ever make.  Self-acceptance frees you from guilt and discouragement.  It establishes your current position, your 5th Point of the Compass – the starting point in your development journey.  Self-acceptance gives you the confidence, freedom and energy to grow and use more of your potential. 

Positive Expectancy requires a no limitations belief in yourself, that comes from clear, calm and honest self-confidence to embark on the unique leadership challenges in 2021 and beyond.  Belief in yourself relies on supreme confidence in both your present and future abilities and potential.  Belief in yourself demands that you be 100% goal directed and progressively growing and developing to utilise more of that potential.

Finally, positive belief requires a no limitations belief in others.  Belief in their willingness to accept change and strive to make the most of it.  Belief in their ability to grow and develop more of their potential, personally and professionally.  Belief built on the foundation of your genuine respect, concern and care for them and their wellbeing. 

Accept the challenge, share your positive expectancy with your team, your family and your friend.   Let your Positive Expectancy shine through and become infectious to others.